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Exceptional Pet Lodging Services and Amenities

When it comes to planning vacations and running errands, life can get pretty busy. That's why at Country Pet Lodge, you'll enjoy convenient amenities including pet transportation and limo services. Let our experienced staff pick-up and transport your pet to our facility for an overnight stay. Call us at 856-784-4559 to book your pet's transportation service or to place your pet's lodging reservation now.

Give Your Pet a Ride on Our Philadelphia Shuttle

If you're in the South Philadelphia, Olde City, Center City, Museum area, or University City, you can take advantage of our shuttle services. Depending on the demand, it usually leaves Lindenwold at 6:00 PM and arrives in the city between 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

An overnight stay for your pet is required for this service. The fee is $35.00. Do you have more than one pet? Save 50% when your pets are picked up at the same location. Please note that the Philadelphia Shuttle operates Monday to Friday only.

Pet Limo Services

Limo services available for areas outside our shuttle service boundaries. 

Grooming Pick Up and Delivery

Available locally, please call for quote

About Our Limo Services

  • Charged by the hour
  • Fees are adjusted based on whether the service occurs during or after hours, weekdays, weekends, or on holidays
  • Half-hour minimum charge

Pet Medication and Vitamin Administration

Does your pet have special vitamins or medical concerns? Let our professional staff handle any medical care you're concerned about. Does your dog have diabetes? Rest assured knowing your dog will receive their insulin shots according to your instructions during their stay. Please note that if you're a new customer, a "trial run" overnight stay is required for your diabetic pet.

Amenities and Pet Services Pricing Menu

  • Ear cleaning - $5.00
  • Eye cleaning - $2.00
  • Urine testing - $7.00 each
  • Pill administration - $1.00 each
  • Ear or eye medication - $3.00 each
  • Injection administration - $7.00 each
  • Spray or ointment application - $2.00 each

Specialty Pet Treats Menu

Sunday Morning Bagel Breakfast                                  $3.00
Peanut butter or cream cheese spread 
across half of a delicious freshly-baked 
bagel is one of our guests' favorite treats.

BBQ Hamburgers                                                        $4.00 

Frankfurters                                                                $3.00 
Cooked on the grill for your pet's delight 
available on any day

Tuna Delight for Dogs or Cats                                           $2.50
Scoop of tuna

Kitty's Choice                                                              $1.00
Catnip mouse
Pinch of catnip

Friday Night Pizza                                                                    $3.00
A favorite of most guests, consists of cheese 
pizza made especially for Country Pet Lodge at 
a local pizzeria with less sauce and spices than 
usual. We order and have it delivered fresh 
and warm as an evening treat.

Frosty Paws for Dogs                                                  $3.00
This non-dairy, soy-based frozen treat is 
available at any night for you pet's enjoyment

Bottled Water                                                       
A day for cats                                                                                       $2.00
A day for toy to small dogs                                                              $3.00
A day for medium-sized dogs                                                           $4.00
A day for large to extra-large dogs                                                   $5.00

The lodge owners and the lodge supervisor determine 
if these charges should be applied.

Year-round Activities and Packages

Play Yard Potty Walks
3 5-minute individual walks throughout the day              $10.00

1-10 minute one-on-one individual playtime                        $7.00

Hug Time
1-10  minute in kennel one-one-one time                              $7.00

Romp-n-Stroll                                                                           $13.00
1 10-minute playtime
2 5-minute potty time sessions

Summer Fun!

Pool parties offered during the summer months

Pebble Beach
Our most popular sport for the summer is Pebble Beach. Here your pooch can have a splashing good time, retrieving water toys from our large wading pool. Lounge chairs and towels are available for all bathers’ enjoyment. It is a refreshing, cooling experience and we never cease to be amazed at the unlikely candidates who love taking a plunge! Whether your pup prefers to splash, jump, fetch, or just relax in the water, Pebble Beach is fun for all.

Pebble Beach Pool Party                                            $10.00
10-Minute Session
All beach pool parties include:
A 5-minute dry-off time

Double Dip Pool Party                                                $18.00
2 to 10-minute Pebble Beach Pool Parties

Salty Dog 
1 -10 min individual pebble beach 
2-5 min potty walks 

Splash & Play 
1-10 minute pebble beach pool party                                   $15.00
2-5 minute potty walks

Double Dip & Play                                                 
1-10 minute individual playtime                                             $25.00
2-10 minutes individual pebble beach pool party

* Prices and Packages are subject to change at any time

* Single Pet Pricing 
Second & Third Pet receive 50% discount 
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